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Shaq Gave The Internet Nightmare Fuel By Dancing In His Underwear To "Fade" Like Teyana Taylor

Well this is a trend that the world needs to stop before it starts. The original “Fade” video was already creepy enough when we saw Teyana Taylor turn into a fucking cat person at the end and make people feel uneasy for having flashbacks of that sexy ass cat girl from Heathcliff And The Catillac Cats back in the day (shout out to anyone that actually remembers this cartoon).

So if that wasn’t enough, I had to watch this video and worry about Shaq’s burmese python dropping out of his pants and start slithering on camera. I’m not sure what brand of underwear Shaq uses, but that video is the best free ad in the history of the world. If they can handle the Diesel’s Diesel, they can handle anything.

P.S. I never could get over the size of Shaq’s ex-wife. God bless that poor woman for what she probably had to endure in the bedroom at the end of the night, because the simple physics of it all does not make sense to me without a broken spinal cord being involved.
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