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Crowd At Robert Kraft's Pre-Game Speech: "Free Brady! Fire Goodell! Fire Goodell!".... Robert Kraft: "We're All With You There"

Is there a chance that Robert Kraft is actually responding to someone inside the tent yelling “Free Brady” rather than responding to the guys a mile away yelling “Fire Goodell”? Yeah, there’s a chance. I’ll admit that freely. BUT, there’s also a chance that he eats a lot of spinach and asparagus, real rich guy foods, and subsequently has great hearing because of all that magnesium. It might not be probable, but it’s certainly possible.

And you know what? It doesn’t even really matter to me, personally. As long as they’re pissed at the league office over at Patriot Place and continue to use it as a rallying cry then it makes me happy. Free Brady, Fire Goodell, Send Kensil’s BitchAss to China… whatever, it’s all the same. It’s all, “You fucked us over and we’re not gonna forget it. We’re coming for that ass.” That makes me happy.

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PS – Not a good look here. I’ll admit that. I could blame the, “Well we feel the same,” misquote on too many tailgate beers in a hot desert sun, but “Craft” is inexcusable.

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