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Tom Brady Has A Secret Weapon To Help Him Stay Sharp: Gisele Bundchen

Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 1.24.31 PM

This is a cute little photo but I’ve got a feeling Gisele is going to regret it when Brady’s still got her running route trees in six hours. Little worried about this idea totally throwing off Tom’s accuracy, though. When was the last time he threw to a six foot wideout? Throwing to Gisele must be like having Randy Moss back on the team. I’d be a more comfortable with this plan if he made Gisele play catch from her knees or something. Practice how you play, and Tom doesn’t play with six footers who can go up and get it like that.

PS – Tough to be a better marketer than Brady. You think that TB12 hat and Under Armour logo showing on the sneaker was an accident? Nope.