Tecmo Bo Runs And Drives Circles Around Fools In A New Kia Commercial

Fucking fantastic. I can watch Tecmo Bo outrun defenders on the 8-bit virtual gridiron all day long with that glorious music playing in the background. And based on this being the 2nd commercial released this week with Tecmo Bo, that may actually happen. But I don’t care. An entire Sunday of Tecmo Bo commercials trumps seeing that creepy fuck Papa John and the family of traitors that became fans of other teams. Keep cashing those checks, Vincent Edward Jackson! Madden Vick, OddJob, and Pablo Sanchez ain’t got shit on Tecmo Bo.

However I will say that Al Davis would have benched Tecmo Bo’s ass for not going Grand Theft Auto and running over those defenders with his shiny new Kia Sorento. The Autumn wind is a pirate, not some driver pussyfooting around the field. “Just Win, Baby” isn’t simply a saying. It’s a way of life.

God I need Sunday to get here soon.