How About Umpire Bill Miller Ripping A Ball Out Of A Kid's Glove To Give It To Another Kid?

According to the person who took this video (who sent it to a friend of mine, who then passed it along to me), this is umpire Bill Miller walking down the runway at Petco Park on September 6, after a game between the Boston Red Sox and San Diego Padres. As you can see, Miller puts the ball into the glove of a young Red Sox fan, and then forcefully rips it out, before flipping it to a young Padres fan. Who the fuck does this?

I mean, I could understand if the first kid was being a little punk, and reached over in an attempt to steal the ball out of Miller’s hand, but Miller put the friggin’ ball in the kid’s glove:


Ripped it out of his glove like you’d take chocolate away from a dog:


And then gave it to a different kid:


We don’t know the whole story here. Maybe Miller promised Kid No. 2 a ball, and then he saw him at the last second. Who knows? We don’t. And if his logic was that he wanted to give a ball to a Padres fan over a Red Sox fan, I don’t have a problem with that, either. Problem is, YOU chose to give it to that Red Sox fan first. How many baseballs get used over the course of one major league game? Definitely over 100. You mean to tell me that you couldn’t have given a ball to both kids, especially if that’s what it took to avoid ripping a ball out of a kid’s glove like that? Way to go, Bill Miller. You just created another lacrosse fan.

But Kid No. 1, if you reconsider breaking your allegiance to baseball, I will say that you won’t be alone in hating Bill Miller, and you’re not the only person that he’s ever been a dick to.

One time, he kicked Bryce Harper out of a game, and then threw a baseball at him afterwards:

And then there was that one time that he ejected Brett Lawrie, so Lawrie threw his helmet at him, and John Farrell also got a little bit of spit on his face.

If you choose to remain a baseball fan after this incident, I will personally send you a box of officially licensed Major League baseballs.