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El Pres Vs. Glenn Ordway

So long time Stoolies know I despise Glenn Ordway. He was basically the guy who started Babygate. I don’t hate him for disagreeing with me about posting the pictures. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. I hate him for not letting me defend myself and then for lying about how much he beat the subject into the ground. Well today we finally had it out on the Kirk and Gerry show. Obviously he’s still lying about how much he talked about it. Anybody who remembers those days knows I’m right and the facts will bear it out. Now I can’t prove whether he was allowed to have me on the air or not, but I refuse to believe I got banned right way. Nobody else was talking about Bradygate till he started to talk about it and then it went crazy viral. But it wasn’t instantaneous. He could have had me on if he wanted to during the first couple hours when he was trying to bury me. Hell Michael Holly apologized for not having me on and said they didn’t have my phone number. Maybe Day 2 he may have been told he couldn’t have me as a guest but no chance during Day 1. Like I’ve said from the beginning if he just said “my show was tanking, I needed ratings and didn’t give a fuck about you” I could live with it. This revisionist history is bananaland though.