And Here's A Philadelphia Eagles Power Hour To Help Drink Away The Season/Life

via the delightful degenerates over at DelcoDelphia

Leave it to Delco to combine boozing and the Eagles in one magical way. In case you need more of an excuse to drink this season (Spoiler Alert: You do), fire up this puppy before and after every game. Misery loves company, and we’re in this together, dammit. Alcohol may be the cause and solution to life’s problems, but the Eagles are definitely an enabler to go after the depressant.

And if you really want to drink until death, here’s the Philadelphia Sports Power Hour we posted awhile back.

Sure, I know I’ve only seen one championship in my lifetime. And other readers haven’t seen that many more. It’s depressing that 90% of these great moments led to heart break. T.O. Iverson in the finals. ’93 Phils. Flyers the past 40 years. ANDREW FUCKING BYNUM????? I don’t care. But still, we’ll live with these teams and die with them from the alcohol it takes to get through every year. 1 championship in a combined 133+ seasons since 1983 will do that to a man. I drink because I’m a Philly sports fan, and I’m a Philly sports fan because I drink.