Eva Marie And Nic Cage Are Teaming Up For What's Sure To Be The Greatest Movie Of All Time

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EW - Nothing will be what it seems for Nicolas Cage and Faye Dunaway in Inconceivable. The pair of Oscar winners are joining the thriller Inconceivable, EW has confirmed. Nicky Whelan (Hall Pass) and Natalie Eva Marie (Total Divas) will also star in Jonathan Baker’s film set from Chloe King’s screenplay.


Fun fact that I never realized until today when I was doing blog research- Nicolas Cage is an Academy Award winning actor. I’ve always wondered why he gets so much heat on the Internet streets. He’s always been mocked and laughed at, but I’ve always thought he nailed every role I’ve seen him in. I mean have you seen National Treasure? Cage is a fucking tour de force. I get out of my seat and fist pump at every scene. He’s absolutely incredible. So what better actress to pair him up with than…Eva Marie!

Yes, WWE’s Eva Marie. Can’t really wrestle, can’t really talk..is now co-staring in a movie with Nic Cage and that Faye Dunaway woman. Can’t make shit like that up. But it’s sneaky a match made in heaven. Nic Cage is the people’s champ. Everyone loves them some Nic Cage. He’s sort of in that Bill Murray tier of actors that you just can’t get enough of.

And then Eva. I have no idea what her role will be, but there’s about a million % chance it is going to be the big titted villain. Just swinging them puppies side to side, up and down, while Cage makes some awesome monologues and blows away the whole crowd. It’s going to be a movie for the ages.

Want more Eva Marie? Of course you do.