Annie Apple Made Her Unbiased Picks For The 2016 NFL Season, Predicting The Giants As Super Bowl Champs And Eli Manning As MVP


Nothing better than when a journalist loves your team for the right reasons and calls it right down the middle. It doesn’t matter if its predictions for the season or fantasy advice. Actually the amount I like a fantasy writer varies based on what he says about my fantasy team. If he likes my players, I think “This guy knows what he’s talking about”. If he thinks my team stinks, I think he’s an idiot. That simple.

So obviously I think the world of my Football Mom with these picks. If this offense is as good as we hope it can be, Eli is going to put up MVP numbers. That simple. ODB, Shepard, and Cruz is a fucking nightmare trio to cover. And if Big Blue’s defense isn’t utter trash (or dare I say good?!?), the Giants will easily make the playoffs in a shitty division. Then all we need is for Good Eli to show up for a few playoff games (including one on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field) before we march to the Super Bowl. In fact, beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl is actually the only part of this equation that I feel kind of confident in because the Giants have done it before and it just seems like destiny. Boom, the Giants are Super Bowl champions and Eli is your NFL MVP. Piece of cake.

And it’s not like picking against her crush Tom Brady was easy for Annie since she just met his last week. Sure having Ben McAdoo’s haircut and unbuttoning half his shirt seems odd to a common New Yorker like me. But I imagine every New England male will be copying this look at the next formal event they attend while the girls melt over it.


P.S. Charles Woodson’s picks may be outrageous but I love them because the NFL is a better place when the Raiders are winning games and playing like scumbags.
Also, I don’t know if this makes me a bad person, but I hope the Bills win the Super Bowl the first year that Chris Berman is retired and his younger, better replacement doesn’t say “Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills” once.

h/t AJ