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A Guy Couldn't Handle His Hilariously Drunk Chick So The Bouncer Had To Step In And Carry Her To Their Car Like A Toddler

Drunk chick 101 on full display here. And the thing is, I don’t blame her and instead fully blame this dude 100%. Sure she’s a mess but to me navigating that is a big part of your job as a dude trying to go out there and date women. You have to know when to fold em when she gets too drunk, if she’s someone you’re dating for real try to get her home without spewing in the back of an Uber (and shamefully cleaning sangria grape skins off the inside of an Uber if she can’t hold it because you feel bad for the poor random dude that you subjected to this), and and you have to know how to keep her in check if she becomes a wild maniac after a few to many vodka sodas. This bouncer having to step in and lift this guy’s chick up while he goes “Ow” is the most emasculating thing ever from where I sit. I don’t care if she’s speaking in tongues, swinging on him, you’re basically the family with a crying toddler on a plane, you’ve got to make a real effort and you’ve got to somehow make it stop. He couldn’t do that and instead reverted to full on cuck mode with the big black bull carrying his girl as he stands there and probably held her purse. Emasculation x 1000 for that guy, he should have to climb up her hair while she’s locked up in a tower or jump over a series of barrels spread out across several levels to get her back.

The bouncer though deserves all the credit in the world for doing his job and doing it without batting an eyelash. This chick is speaking in tongues, hitting him over and over again, and he just carries her and calmly deposits her without a care in the world. Great job by this guy dispelling the stereotype of the power hungry bouncer, especially since he could have literally stolen this chick and no one, including her, would have stopped him. Scanner of IDs, lifter of velvet ropes, giver of second chances, so is the Tao of the Bouncer.