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Weird Play Alert: Indians Score Two Runs On A Foul Ball That Was Ruled A Wild Pitch By Jim Joyce


Is it me, or was that the tamest manager ejection of all-time for a call that could not have been more blatantly wrong?

I mean, I guess I could’ve stopped that sentence at, “Was that the tamest manager ejection of all-time?” because it’s gotta be up there. The fuck’s up with that, AJ Hinch? The Astros are two games out of a Wild Card spot, and everybody on earth knows that was a foul ball, except for this umpiring crew, apparently. I don’t know what’s more baffling about this situation — the fact that Hinch was as calm as he was when he was arguing this, or the fact that not one, not two, not three, but FOUR umpires missed this.

It was a 2-1 game in favor of the Indians at the time of the play, and the blown call gave the Tribe two runs that they wouldn’t have had if this umpiring crew had made the correct call. At the time of me writing this, it’s now 10-5 Indians, so the Astros actually did score enough runs to overcome the blown call, but a ruling like that is game-changing. You can stomp your feet, and say that good teams overcome adversity like that, but the fact of the matter is that no team should ever have to deal with something like that in the first place. You can argue that the Indians are the better team and that they would’ve won anyway, but then you’d be missing the point entirely. You simply cannot miss that call if you’re an umpire.

And I know Jim Joyce is going to get a ton of shit for this, because he notoriously blew the final out call of Armando Galarraga’s near-perfect game in 2010, but there’s two points here — Joyce is actually one of the better umpires in Major League Baseball, but there is naturally going to be more attention drawn to his blown calls because of the Galarraga game. Also, Joyce is going to take a majority of the blame for this, but it should be pretty evenly split amongst the umpiring crew, because they all had a view of the obvious play, especially the third and second base umpires.