Introducing DraftKings Leagues...Join The Private Barstool One Now

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For the 2016 NFL season DraftKings is introducing a new feature called Leagues which allows you to play in private contests in any sport all season long and track your results in an exclusive leaderboard. To take advantage of this new feature, we have a created a League that will be exclusive to Stoolies only. This means you can compete against other Stoolies in daily fantasy contests in 9 sports including football, basketball and hockey. You don’t need to be worried if you’re new to DraftKings as you will only be competing against other Stoolies like yourself. You have to be able to beat other Stoolies, right?

As part of our partnership, DraftKings is offering two private contests that are FREE to enter and exclusive to those that enter the Barstool Fantasy Football League. Each contest will have $1,000 in prizes plus the user with the highest combined scores between Week 1 and 2 will receive a special shout out from Barstool and a $500 gift card to the Barstool Sports store. There’s no deposit required to play. Simply sign up and win starting this weekend.

Click here to join the private Barstool Fantasy Football League today for free!