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The Football Sandwich Is Finally Ready

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Do you smell that? The bread? The meat? The melted cheese? That’s right, our football Sandwich is officially ready to be eaten. Last weekend was the peek into the oven with CFB Week 1 but today is the day we take that first big bite. If people don’t understand where I’m going with this or are new to Barstool, I give this same speech every year on the first Thursday of the NFL season, and yes my analogy combines football and food, basically the only two things I truly love in life.

The Football season is like a big delicious sandwich. You get pumped when you order it, you’re excited to pick it up at the counter, you start eating the first half WAY too fast then quickly realize you have just a little piece of bread and meat left in your hand wondering how you could have possibly eaten it so fast. That’s every Football season. The excitement and anticipation is through the roof, I woke up this morning with a giant smile on my face knowing I have FIVE solid months of football in front of me. But just like every year it will be over before we know it. You’ll blink and it will be Wild Card Weekend. So this is my message to you, savor it, savor ever bite, because football is what makes this Country so great, and football is why we are who we are, and football is the world’s greatest sport. Now let’s got eat a god damn snack.