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Murder Suspect Casually Breaks Out Of His Handcuffs Then Escapes Through The Ceiling

Listen. I don’t wanna tell anybody how to do their job but probably keep eyes on the murder suspects. That’s all I ask as a citizen of this country. Keep eyes on the people who snatch life from other people. What are those cameras for if the police aren’t gonna use them? Cause right now all it’s serving as is proof that they let a murderer go. And were those handcuffs made outta LEGOs? The dude from Saw 1 is wishing he knew that guy’s secret right about now*. Flip side, I kinda love this game for murderers. If you get arrested for murderer, you’re fucked. UNLESS you’re able to escape the police station. If you’re able to escape the police station it’s like double jeopardy. You can’t be tried again for that crime. So for instance, that guy who escaped through the ceiling is no longer a murderer. It’s like it never happened. Rulez iz rulez.

*That’s right. I just referenced a movie from 2004. The first Saw was AWESOME. Even Saw 2 was pretty dope but the first Saw was like something I’d never seen before. Awesome movie.