The Nightline Special Praising Known Internet Plagiarists "FuckJerry" As "Meme Masters" Is Beyond Infuriating

For those of you who are #blessed to not know who/what FuckJerry is, it’s very simple: he’s an asshole who steals memes, posts them on his Instagram account with no attribution or payment to the people who actually created them, then profits off of it. FuckJerry is The Fat Jew without the charm of being a fat, goofy Jewish dude. the Fat Jew is at least a character outside of his account, FuckJerry is just a fucking dork who takes the jokes of funny people. He’s worthless. But, don’t tell that to the great journalists at Nightline. They just want to have a few laughs and show their viewers, the old dude who died on the couch a week ago, how many laughs we’re all having on this great thing called the internet. Honestly, has no one at Nightline heard of Google? There’s a fucking PAGE ONE search result outlining how he’s a thief. As the producers put up those pics of his ever so popular Instagrams, did they not not notice that his captions were the shitty ones on the side and the ones on the pic were the words written by the username he cut off? Do they have absolutely no idea how Instagram works?

Just look at this kid’s motherfucking face when they asked him to make a caption for the Donald Trump pic! He looks like me if you put an unlabeled map of the United States in front of me and asked me to name them, or if you asked me to identify the parts of a vagina. He has NO CLUE what the fuck he’s gonna do, because he knows he’s never written a single funny thing in his life. Shockingly, he punts the fuck out of it. “When your stepdad picks you up from the party early” for a pic of Trump holding two crying babies? When your stepdad pics you up from the party early?! What the fuck does that even mean, you talentless hack? “Meme masters” shouldn’t turn into fucking Mr. Krab the second they’re asked to create a original content in front of cameras.

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 12.14.42 AM

The only… the ONLY… talent that this kid has is that he knows Command+Shift+4 gets you the screenshot crosshairs in order to crop and steal another person’s joke. He’s not funny, he’s not clever, he’s not witty, he’s a piece of shit. Hank and Coley, the guys who run the PMT and Barstool accounts, are a BILLION times funnier and better at their jobs then this shit for brains is. Everything he does is stolen. He stole memes to create a big Instagram account then used that popularity to create a game that is a stolen concept (Cards Against Humanity) played by matching stolen captions with stolen photos. The only thing this fucking kid is good at is getting two of his shithead friends together and pretending, for six whole minutes, they actually work or create anything. Needing a “staff” of 10 to screenshot other peoples’ jokes should let you know what kind of genius we’re dealing with here. Absolutely pathetic that Nightline gave him any attention at all. It’s bad enough all the Instagram tweens follow him, but they’re allowed to be morons. Nightline should mix in a bit of journalism/Googling.

PS – If you want to see more of Jerry’s original work just check out his Twitter account, where he actually tries to write his own jokes. Nothing even close to funny and nothing even sniffing viral. Doesn’t even get 50 RTs. Pathetic.