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Before Proposing, Ashton Kutcher Asked Mila's Dad For His Approval Because He's A Goddamn Gentleman

mila ash

Yahoo- He might be the highest paid actor on television, but Ashton Kutcher is still a traditional guy. Before proposing to Mila Kunis with that gorgeous, round-cut diamond engagement ring, Kutcher reportedly got the approval from her father Mark first. “He talked with Mila’s dad around Christmastime,” a source tells People. “He asked for Mark’s blessing to marry her. It was important to Ashton to be respectful and traditional. This is the real thing for him and he wants to do it all right.” All signs point to a successful man-to-man talk considering Kunis and Kutcher confirmed their engagement late last month. She was spotted out wearing her ring a week later as the two cuddled courtside at a Los Angeles Lakers game, one of their favorite date spots.

Highest paid TV actor.  Best looking guy in the universe  Born in the best state in the greatest country.  Has a net worth of $140 million dollars.  Has slayed some of the hottest chicks Hollywood has ever seen.  Even with all of those things that would cause a normal person to lose touch with reality and become an egotistical maniac, Ashton Kutcher is still a mother fucking gentleman.  What an ambassador for the state of Iowa.  The guy just gets it.  He could’ve just as easily put a ring on it without asking and married her on the spot without consulting anybody.  Ashton has a gazillon dollars in the bank and could probably murder a guy in cold blood and get away with it because he’s just that likable.  Too bad Ashton has a heart made of pure gold and guys with hearts of pure gold don’t do things like that.  Guys with hearts of gold do things like ask father’s for permission to marry their daughters and star in shows that aren’t funny at all but somehow keep getting made.

PS- If you’re Mila’s dad is there any scenario where you say no to Ashton?  No way, right?  Sure, your daughter is rich and famous in her own right, but $140 million is $140 million no matter how you slice it.  And on top of that you get to see Ashton’s beautiful face every Thanksgiving and Christmas.  No homo but totally homo.

Double PS- Speaking of Two and A Half Men, the ungrateful punk who played the kid in that show is back again.  Spewing religious non-sense about how he was a “paid hypocrite” and looking like Charles Mansion.  Seriously, fuck that kid.  Give all the money back that you made and maybe I’ll give a shit even though I still won’t.