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Apple Says The Reason They Got Rid Of The Headphone Jack Is Because They've Got Courage

(Those pods definitely don’t look like they were designed specifically to lose)

Thank you, Apple! Wow. People love to toss around the word courage like it means nothing nowadays but luckily Apple still knows a thing or two about bravery. I mean they beat around the bush a bit with it and weren’t as brash as they should be, but I’ll come right out and say it: Apple is a bunch of heroes for freeing us from the shackles of standard headphones. Some people say that the troops fighting for our freedom overseas are courageous, some say that Colin Kaepernick taking a stand for what he believed by kneeling during the national anthem is courageous, others will call the police who protect us or the firefighters who run into burning buildings to save our lives have courage, but guess what? None of those people have ever decided to move on from the headphone jack. That’s real courage, folks. Creating tiny wireless headphones that will be lost immediately and force the consumer to by countless new pairs is what real bravery is. Wish they were in sports so ESPN could recognize them with an Arthur Ashe award. Caitlin Jenner got it for reinventing herself, why shouldn’t Tim Cook get one for reinventing music?

Update: They’ll be the low, low price of $160. Seems reasonable.