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Chick Puts On One Of Those Charcoal Masks And INSTANTLY Regrets It

FUCK. THAT. I don’t know how girls do it. And by “it” I mean anything. Lotions, masks, sprays, conditioners, moisturizers, blow dryers, hair curlers, periods, the whole thing. It seems like nothing in the world is harder than being a girl. Caitlyn Jenner made the biggest mistake of her life when she went from being a man to a woman. I would go the other way if I were a girl. Throw a dick and balls on me and let life be easy. Being a guy is the easiest thing ever. I get up, I put on a shirt and shorts and I’m ready to fucking roll. It takes 3 minutes for me to go from being dead asleep to being ready to go almost anywhere. Maybe throw in a 5-minute shower if I’m feeling fancy. Not girls. It takes them 45 minutes to even decide what they need to do before they go anywhere. And that charcoal mask. Unless a charcoal mask is gonna make me look like Ryan Gosling after I rip it off, I ain’t doing it. She was screaming like she was being tortured cause she basically was. No thanks.