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Kicking A Football Directly At A Kid's Face Is The Perfect Strategy For An Onside Kick

That right there is the beginning of a football revolution. I remember hearing about the coach that always went for it every 4th down and went for 2 every time his team scored a touchdown. This is no different. Onside kicks being rifled at your opponent’s faces is genius. Sure you can say that if a player is ready for the kick to come at his face, he will catch it. But everyone has a plan until a fucking pigskin is booted at their face by some kid with the leg of a mule. Plus it’s not like you have to rifle the football at their face. You can kick it at his knees or cup check him with a dick shot. Or if the other team backs up for the kick, the kicker can simply tap the ball and go for the mad scramble onside kick.

But if you aren’t going to do this every kickoff, you have to save this play for the playoffs. Not a game in September. That’s some Annexation of Puerto Rico shit.