In Honor Of The Upcoming Oasis Documentary, Here Are My Top 10 Oasis Songs

Spin - A new documentary about Oasis, Supersonic, debuts this fall. It follows Liam and Noel Gallagher’s blockbuster Britpop band from their 1994 debut through their 2009 breakup, and it’s executive produced by Asif Kapadi, director of the Oscar-winning Amy Winehouse biopic Amy. Mat Whitecross directs.

Everyone knows I’m a very big Oasis fan (see- the shirt I was wearing during the SmittyBomb). In fact, I studied abroad in London during college partly because Oasis was touring and I wanted to see them in London, which I did and it was amazing. And while they never completely got huge in the USA, Oasis is still massive everywhere else, despite having broken up for the 100th but also the longest time in 2009. Since then, both Liam and Noel have gone on to make decent side projects, but neither’s new band comes even close to Oasis. During their peak in the UK they were the biggest band out there- Kanye big. Beyonce big. Everywhere they went, everything they did, was news.

Hopefully a reunion is on the way (it will happen eventually, money is the great equalizer), but for now, here are my top 10 Oasis songs of all time.

10) Stop Crying Your Heart Out

9)  Champagne Supernova

8) Cigarettes & Alcohol

7)  Gas Panic!

6) Wonderwall

5)  Acquiesce

4)  Live Forever

3) Don’t Look Back in Anger

2) Slide Away

1) The Masterplan

Also receiving votes: Some Might Say, Roll With It, Morning Glory, Stand By Me, Supersonic, Rock N Roll Star (and like 20 others)

Must be pretty cool to have 125,000 pack a park to see you sing songs.