This Teacher Singing The Syllabus To Her High School Class Is As Cringeworthy As It Gets

Yes this is almost 8 minutes long and no I don’t know if high school classes have a syllabus. But I had to blog this video

Yoooo this chick is straight up loony toons, huh? Yes I know that being a teacher and reaching kids in a relatable manner in 2016 is probably not an easy task. But holy Christ that was hard to watch. It was basically Meet The Parents, Something About Mary, and all those other Ben Stiller “down on his luck nice guy” movies ever. This is something this teacher probably came up with during Ladies Night over the summer when teachers have vacation muscles on. Teachers definitely get a little punch drunk during their 2+ month vacation while the rest of us idiots are slaving away. This idea was definitely one of those “better in principle or if your voice doesn’t resemble a dying cat” ideas. And I was ready to give her a semi-pass because it was her first year teaching or something. Nope, she’s a ten year vet of the game. Just a complete lack of self awareness. This is why the internet is great. If you pull shit like this, you deserve to have it go viral. I don’t care if this lady thinks she was good or not. That’s just plain tough to watch. I see a lot of students transferring out of that class and either a suicidal husband or a shitload of cats in this teacher’s future.

And shout out to the kids for remaining as civil as possible during that. If there was an O’Doyle in the class room, he probably would have shoved this nutbag into a locker sometime after her moving rendition of Work From Home. But these kids just sat there and knew that the internet would bring social justice to this lady. Because while at first I thought this video was fake, you can’t teach those dead stares when your teacher is boring/scaring you to death. Plus you can’t teach this side eye look. Pure instinct.

My favorite part of the video was the dab followed by the chick that could not believe this nonsense was still going on.

This kid is goddamn superstar, huh?

When you cringe on video for a SECOND time because your teacher transitioned her syllabus karaoke to Hotline Bling

Respect the shit out of the arms inside the shirt move. Never go full turtle and put your head inside, though. Only weirdos do that.

P.S. How the fuck are these kids in this class? Did they skip 5 grades like Doogie Howser or some shit?