D'Angelo Russell Was Denied Entry Into A Hollywood Club Because He Isn't 21 (And Probably Because The Lakers Stink)

TMZ- Lakers star D’Angelo Russell was on the OTHER side of an embarrassing video this past weekend … getting straight DENIED from a super hot Hollywood party spot. D’Angelo and a couple other NBAers (tried to) hit up Warwick nightclub Saturday night … but as you can see in our video … the young Lakers ace didn’t make it inside. Sources that witnessed Russell get Mutombo’d say the reason why he didn’t make it inside is ’cause he’s 20 … and Warwick is a 21 and up joint.

I’m not sure who looks worse here, D’Angelo Russell or the Lakers. There aren’t many feelings worse than not getting in a club for being under age when the rest of your buddies get in. You have to have that awkward “No you go in, it’s cool” talk and everyone feels like an asshole for leaving you for about two seconds. Then they are in the club and instantly forget about you.

But this looks bad for the Lakers too. No way this happens if Russell played for a Lakers team that at least made the playoffs. The guy was the 2nd pick of the goddamn draft a year ago. He should be getting his own table with three bottles of Grey Goose and the attention of countless L.A. smokeshows. Getting into clubs in LA isn’t about your age. It’s all about how famous you are or how good looking you are. I feel like I was reading stories about the Olsen twins and Lindsay Lohan being at clubs when they were like fucking 18 years old. And that was reported in newspapers and shit. Because that’s just how life is in LaLa Land. You think Magic Johnson had to show ID when he was a 20-year-old number 1 pick in LA back in 1979? Hell no. Granted, I’m pretty sure the drinking age was 18 and there were apparently orgy parties on every corner back then. But still, Magic wasn’t getting kicked out of ANYWHERE before, during, or after his rookie season. Russell not getting into a club has to be a low point for the Lakers franchise.

Then again, D’Angelo brought this on himself when he tried to reinvent Punk’d on Swaggy P’s ass. This club doesn’t know if D’Angelo is going to tattle about underage drinking or if the club violates any health or fire code violations on Snapchat. If I’m that club and D’Angelo really wants in, I let him in under one condition. He has to bring Gilbert Arenas with him as a chaperone and let No Chill Gil come over to his house after they leave the club. That’s the iron price.