A High School Fight Ended With One Kid Catching Some Sort Of Spinning Powerbomb Right Out Of WWE

This is one where the shirtless kid just needs to dust himself off and not let this affect his confidence too much when he gets back out there, either as a kid in school or a fighter. And even though the kids in school will not forget this beating any time soon — nor should they given that a dude literally got helicoptered around and KO’d like a WWE video game in front of their very eyes — but this is a time where the kid needs to focus on himself and really reflect on his life in only the way that eating a spinning powerbomb in a school hallway can provide perspective. Laying on the floor of your school shirtless with a possibly fractured skull…that’s a learning moment. A moment where you learn you either need to up your fight game, maybe take a boxing lesson or something, or start cracking open a few books and never raising a fist in anger again. An emasculating, cold hard look in the mirror that’ll result in this kid holding onto his virginity longer than he’d like to but a necessary look all the same.

Conversely if I’m the other kid throwing out the powerbomb, I’m never having another fight in my life if I can avoid it. In this one moment in time he looks like the baddest dude on Earth but one wrong move and he could just as easily be the one taking the Teacup Ride of Doom down to the floor. Duck everyone, coast on the legend he built in this one moment in time, slay pussy forever and hope no one notices that you can’t possibly be as tough as this one instance made you look. Thankfully there’s a roadmap to success for this kid: