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Jay Mariotti Now Goes After SVP In Desperate Plea To Stay Relevant

Do you know what sucks with this whole Jay Mariotti thing? Besides the fact that he’s technically an employee of Pardon My Take now and I have to answer for his bad behavior. What sucks is how calculated all of this is. Gone are the days where someone can go off on twitter in some weird crazed meltdown. The thought of Jay Mariotti sitting in a shitty apartment in LA, blowing lines of coke while he rants about bloggers and the “biz” is just that, a thought. Because in reality his publicist or PR person sat him down and was like, here’s how you get back to having any sense of relevancy. Go after bloggers worldwide, then when you’re done with that go after the most successful sports television personality in SVP. It’s sad how clearly calculated it is on his part. That he thinks he’s actually pulling one over on the world. I bet it isn’t even him tweeting this shit. He has a book to sell so he’s going to drum up some controversy instead of just writing a good book and selling that book. He is exactly what he is pretending to be above, all while having a link to his blog in his bio. But it’s not a blog, he’s not a blogger, it’s a web log where you can read all his thoughts online. Fucking tool.

Oh and SVP ended him pretty quickly. I love that SVP doesn’t take shit from people online. It’s the opposite of Simmons who says he doesn’t read his mentions even though we all know he does.