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Johnny Manziel Goes Back To School

Texas A&M v Arkansas
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Dallas NewsJohnny Football is back in school.

The former Heisman Trophy winner and Cleveland Browns quarterback has re-enrolled at Texas A&M, a source close to Manziel confirmed Monday morning.

Manziel left for the NFL before completing the courses required to receive his degree in recreation, parks and tourism sciences. He is currently listed as a senior.

The Tyler native and former Kerrville Tivy standout will continue to live in Los Angeles and take online classes, according to’s Billy Liucci.

Love it. Can somebody say…rebrand?

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Darren Rovell would be proud.

Take a little break from Johnny Football, bring back Jonathan Manziel. Hit the books, get that degree. Put a pen in your ear and walk around with a messenger bag, maybe slide some glasses on. Soon everybody forgets to associate you with booze and drugs and 10 clubs a night and possible assault charges and rehab and all that junk. Now you’re the quiet smart guy who, hey, didn’t he used to be pretty good at football, maybe an NFL team should give him another shot?

First step to a major comeback.