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Is Dusty Baker The Best Worst Manager Of All Time?




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So the Reds just fired Dusty Baker after another successful regular season and disappointing playoff exit, stop me if you’ve heard this one before, which made me ask the question this morning, is Dusty Baker the best worst manager of all time? Look at his career. His regular season record is exceptionally good. 19 seasons (I’m discounting the 94 strike year). He has coached below .500 teams just 3 times. 8 of 19 of his teams have won 90 games or more. Won over 1,600 total games and what does he have to show for it? FIVE one and dones, an epic collapse with the Cubs in 2003 in which his poor managing was overshadowed by Bartman and a World Series trip when Barry Bonds was so roided up that you literally couldn’t even pitch to him. That’s it. Unbelievable regular seasons, terrible postseasons when games get tighter and managers have to make crucial decisions that are magnified 10 ten fold.


So there’s my question, is Dusty Baker the best worst manager of all time? Here are the other guys in the running, let me know if I missed anyone.


Bobby Cox

Bobby’s one ring sort of validates him but he really doesn’t get enough criticism for consistently bringing teams to the playoffs and having those teams fall short. 16 out of 29 years he went to the playoffs, 6 one and dones, 8 teams who won 98 games or more and only 1 World Series ring.



Lindy Ruff

.559 winning percentage, made the playoffs 8 out of his 14 full seasons coaching, 3 one and dones.


Marty Schottenheimer

12 out of 25 years had 10 wins or more, 15 out of 25 years he took his team to the playoffs. 9 total playoff wins and no Super Bowl appearances.  I was going to include Norv Turner as Marty Jr but Marty is so exceptional that he really can’t be touched.




George Karl


Sneakiest one on this list because unlike everyone else people actually like George Karl, but holy shit does he suck when it matters.  George Karl has been to the playoffs 21 out of his 24 years, that’s remarkable. What has happened in those 21 playoff appearances though? 13 have been one and done. 13 out of 21, almost 2/3rds. And out of the other 8 he only took one team, the 96′ Sonics, to the finals. Now of course if it wasn’t during Jordan’s reign George Karl may have a ring and this discussion would be moot but as it stands the facts are facts, George Karl is a great regular season coach and an awful postseason one. Best Worst basketball coach of all time.