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This Dude Hit A Ball That Was Headed For The Dugout And Ended Up Fair For An Out

Yo, what the FUCK was that? Dude at the plate didn’t even try to run to first, because he was probably terrified from the sorcery he was watching. No doubt he watched it all happen in slow motion, like there’s no fucking way that ball is rolling back to fair territory after his teammates in the first base dugout were getting ready to field that thing foul.

First thing I thought of when I saw this shit — Space Jam. I know physics, and physics say that what I just saw is not possible without the help of Bugs Bunny under the earth’s surface with a magnet controlling that ball, even though there are no magnetic materials in a baseball. I don’t know what the batter did to piss off the Looney Tunes, but he’d better make amends if he ever hopes to get called up to the big leagues. Bugs don’t play.