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Western Kentucky Stumbles Out Of The Gate Despite Winning 46-14

All that prep. All that mental hype. You’ve spent 9 months getting ready for this entrance against the football powerhouse of Rice on opening night. The smoke is billowing. The cheerleaders are going nuts. You want to run out on the field like a conqueror, but you cant even make it to the sidelines without looking like a directional school.

Sucks to dominate your opponent 46-14 and the only aspect of your performance people will remember is that fact that you can’t run out of the tunnel correctly.

It wasnt all bad, though. It’s gotta be the first time WKU has made SportsCenter top-10 twice on the same night. That’s gotta count for something, right?

The only thing that really matters is the Hilltoppers get to have this tweet pinned to the top of their profile for the next 7 days. A win is a win, even if you trip over your own dick running on the field for the first time that season.