DeAngelo Williams And The Steelers Are Celebrating James Harrison Beating The NFL's "Tom Brady Rule"

When the NFL investigator drop a case on you, man, they try to Tom Brady you. That’s what we call it now when they try to double-back, the double jeopardy. Ain’t no such thing as double jeopardy. They call that Tom Brady now. It’s the Tom Brady Rule.
So that’s what NFL players call a total sham of an “investigation” now, the Tom Brady Rule? When the NFL is hellbent on pinning a crime on you and suspending you the guys around the locker room say, “Hey man, they’re trying to Tom Brady you”? Unreal. And these comments aren’t coming from guys like Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski, they’re not coming from Bob Kraft over at Patriot Place, they’re coming from one of the Patriots’ biggest AFC rivals. That’s just a bit telling, imho. Deflategate is something that idiot fans will hold over Tom Brady’s head forever, I know that and I’ve made peace with it. But, when players on rival squads are acknowledging that Tom Brady got bent over a barrel then it’s pretty tough to deny. Incredible that when Roger Goodell used the scales of justice to weigh the decision on whether he’d rather have the trust of the players he swears to protect or absolute power, he chose absolute power. Tom Brady will officially be immortalized as the greatest quarterback in history and the first victim of the Tom Brady Rule, where Roger Goodell finds no evidence but suspends you anyway just because he wants to.