Ariana Grande Explains Her New Song Is About Being Sore From Riding A Guy During Sex

NYDNAriana Grande is really trying to be a dangerous woman. The pop star has revealed the true sexual meaning behind her latest track, “Side to Side,” which features Nicki Minaj. “That whole song is about riding leading to soreness,” she explained to MTV News. “Ride d–k bicycle’ is the lyric, indeed,” she added.

It doesnt really take a genius to figure this out. It doesnt take it literally either. You dont need to pull up to understand that Nicki Minaj is talking about riding dick bicycles and that if you want to have threesomes she can ride dick tricycles. But I’d imagine most people out there listening to Ariana Grande songs arent really listening and so they dont realize that this tiny little chick is talking about being too sore from riding the D. You can tell that Ariana Grande is just an absolute dragon in the sack. Or at least she tries to be. I think shes super pissed off that people think of her as this tiny little girl. She wants to be taken seriously as a grown slutty woman. Shes out here like “I may look like I’m 13 but I ride dick like I’m AT LEAST 18!” Probably jealous as fuck that everyone thinks of Nicki Minaj as a full blown hooker when it comes to sex. Just fed up with being subtle about it and coming out and telling people shes walking all bow legged and wobbly, drunk off that D from last night.

PS – Just a little reminder that if it wasnt for Ariana Grande the world would have never been blessed with this track: