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Must Watch: An Angry Lady Screams At Her Garbageman And Starts Acting Like A Chicken

UPDATE: Just threw Must Watch on this. Time to stop being scared of those two words and put my blogger nuts on the table.

Yes I know that posting a 5:30 video on Barstool is a wild move. But I thought this chick losing her mind was pure entertainment. I mean come on, the transition from crazy person to chicken to some sort of meerkat was electric and absolutely perfect.

Not to mention her talking to the Big Man Upstairs while also defending how/why she used the P-Word as she just comes to a slow boil while walking in circles like a goddamn hungry shark. Nuts. I mean anybody that just has the balls to go up to a garbageman clearly doesn’t have all their dogs barking. I’m scared of anyone that has a roughneck job, let alone one that involves waking up at the crack ass of dawn and dealing with other people’s trash. Garbagemen are so much tougher than me it actually scares me. However this lady didn’t give a shit. Probably because she is fucking looney toons. But still, I gotta respect her not backing down from whatever point she was trying to make during that rant.

As for the whole accident thing, this lady was just dying for a reason to go bananas at this dude and probably knew exactly what she was doing. It’s like when Joe Pesci gets into that fender bender in A Bronx Tale. It was never about the parking spot just like this was never about the accident. I just thank God this guy had his phone charged enough to record all of this and stayed calm enough to let this lady put on the performance she was born to do.

P.S. This lady having a bunch of cats was the biggest “No duh” of all-time.