Craig Sager Is An Inspiration

USA Today - TNT basketball broadcaster Craig Sager received a rare third bone marrow transplant on Wednesday as he continues his fight against cancer.

“OK, third time’s the charm,” Sager said moments after the process began.

The 65-year-old Sager has battled acute myeloid leukemia since 2014, and announced in March that he was no longer in remission.

His son, Craig Sager II, was the donor for his first two transplants, which put the elder Sager into remission for close to a year each time. This time, the anonymous 20-year-old donor was considered a perfect match.

An absolute beast. I don’t know how Craig Sager does it but it’s beyond inspirational. 36 hours of chemo while getting the bone marrow transplant is just insane. And this is his 3rd transplant, and he just keeps fighting. Weaker men like myself would give up, Sager keeps going, keeps fighting, keeps kicking ass, and looks to be in good spirits the entire time. His courage and fearlessness while life is trying to keep him down is just incredible. Fuck yes, Craig Sager, hopefully third time is the charm.