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I Don't Love How People Are Saying I Look Like This Teacher In Connecticut Who Engaged In Inappropriate Behavior With A Student

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PLAINFIELD — A Connecticut high school teacher is facing charges after police say he engaged in inappropriate behavior with a student. Plainfield police say 26-year-old Ryan Clair turned himself over to authorities Tuesday morning. He’s charged with risk of injury to a minor and failure to report as a mandated reporter. Police say they launched an investigation in April after learning of an incident at Plainfield High School involving Clair, who was a science teacher, and a juvenile student. Clair was placed on administrative leave and has since resigned. Clair was released from police custody on a $5,000 bond. He’s scheduled to appear in court Sept. 12.

First things first. That’s not me. I just wanna get that out there. I’ve never been to Connecticut and don’t plan on going so let’s put those rumors to rest right now. Not a great look for me though. Not a great look at all. Not a good look when a handful of people reach out to me on Twitter and ask me when I moved to Connecticut. But that’s my cross to bear I suppose. Dave (thinks) he looks like Bradley Cooper so he has to respond to any shenanigans that Bradley Cooper might get himself into. I’m an ugly mother fucker who then gets roped into the other shenanigans other ugly mother fuckers do. Does that guy look like me? Yeah I guess so. Maybe a little bit. The glasses and the untamable neck beard. That’s all me. I will say this, I wish I had his flow up top. That’s looking real nice. How do I know I’m not the greatest looking guy in the world? I just wished I had the hair of a teacher who tried weird shit with one of his students.