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A 60-Year-Old Man And His Two Smoke Accomplices Got Busted Smuggling $30.5 Million In Coke

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The StarA dream cruise across half the globe has ended with a nightmare for three Quebecers who could face life in prison in Australia after local authorities allegedly discovered the equivalent of $30.5-million worth of cocaine in their luggage.

It was the last stop in a long voyage. When the MS Sea Princess reached Sydney harbour Sunday, after nearly two months of crossing two oceans, there were border agents, the Australian Federal Police, and sniffer dogs waiting.

The authorities weren’t there by accident. An exchange of information among several partners, including the Canadian Border Service Agency and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security led them to focus on this specific ship.

A search of the ship’s nearly 2,000 compartments allegedly lead to the discovery of 95 kilograms of cocaine in the suitcases of André Tamine, 63, Isabelle Lagacé, 28, and Melina Roberge, 22 — all originally from Quebec.

The two women were travelling together and left a steady record of their journey on social media. The investigators have not determined if they were also working alongside the man who was arrested. The three suspects were identified by the border agency as “high-risk travellers.”

Oh wow, $30.5 million, 95 kilos, that’s a lot of blow blah blah blah…

Are you kidding me with this coke smuggler?

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Absolute knockout smokeshow. Which begs the question…what the fuck are you doing as a coke mule? Does anybody on Earth have it easier than a smoking hot 22 year old girl?

That’s what makes me question whether these two were actually working with this guy – we’re sure they didn’t just meet some creepy 63 year old dude at the pool bragging about all the blow in his room and go up to party? That’s how it works right, you act interested in some old asshole throwing money around, get your free drinks out of it, then go up and do all his drugs before bailing?

Because a 22 year old girl that looks that good doesn’t have to spend a dime the rest of her life and certainly doesn’t need to be building a cocaine empire using Sea Princess cruises as transport.