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Don Cherry Gave His Take On Colin Kaepernick So Everybody Else Can Just Shut Up Now


Everywhere you turn this week it’s been Kaepernick this, and Kaepernick that. TV, radio, the internet, fucking goddamn everywhere. It’s the biggest story in the universe today that somebody didn’t stand up during the national anthem. And everybody has a take. Whether it be a NASCAR driver who killed a guy or your crazy neighborhood cat lady. EVERYBODY has a take. But guess what. It’s all over now. Because our good pal Don Cherry finally decided to weigh in on the controversy. And whatever Don Cherry says, goes. It’s written in the Geneva Convention. So buckle up, cowboys, and let’s get ready to take a ride on  the Grapes Train.

Before we even get to the take, let me just say that I love Grapes using “TwitDoc” as his medium to get his full point across. I don’t think that anybody else in the world besides Don Cherry even knows that is a thing. But the man can’t be contained to just 140 characters. So here goes.


Boom. Just like that, the controversy is settled. Colin Kaepernick doesn’t give a shit about racial inequality in the United States. He doesn’t give a damn about police brutality. He doesn’t care one iota that this nation is spiraling down a very dark and dangerous path. He just knows that he’s a bum who got beat out for the starting role to Blaine fucking Gabbert and he needed to find a way to get himself back in the spotlight some how.

And how selfish is Colin Kaepernick. I mean really. If he actually cared about these causes he’s so bravely sitting down for, then why the hell  doesn’t he just give away all his money to charity? Not even like that bum even earned any of those millions. He lost the Super Bowl and then lost his starting position. He should be catching an unemployment check but instead he’s getting millions and millions to just sit there on the bench for 4 quarters every Sunday. The least he could do is at least stand up for the anthem. So consider this closed. Sorry that it took a Canadian hockey guy to solve the biggest problem in American football today. But that’s just how hockey guys do it.