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The Woman That Went Crazy And Threw Crickets All Over A Packed Subway Train Says It Was Just A Prank

NY Post- Zaida Pugh, the publicity-mad performance artist who unleashed a plague of insects on a crowded subway car, is “likely’’ to face charges, police sources said Saturday. Cops would not comment on specific charges, saying they’re still investigating the cricket chaos on a D train Wednesday. Pugh admitted staging the disgusting stunt, which included her urinating in front of her captive audience.

The crickets were among the only creatures on the car who were completely innocent. At least two pals filmed the upheaval (left), and a third knocked the bugs out of her hands on cue, and sent them flying. Pugh admitted that she wanted to make a film that would turn her into an Internet sensation.

She also claimed she wanted to bring attention to the plight of homeless people with mental problems. One nervous passenger not in on the prank pulled the emergency cord, leaving the train stuck on the Manhattan Bridge for a half-hour without air conditioning.

Shit, this one is on me. When I blogged about this cricket lady on Friday, I thought that she was just another batshit crazy person in New York City and actually blamed the city kids for being such little bastards and pushing her. But it turns out this was all the ruse of some asshole that wanted internet fame and throw in some homeless advocacy so people may get behind her cause. But fuck that. I thought she should probably have been put in some psych ward after watching that video. But now you have to do so much worse, especially after hearing that her original plan was to throwing hissing roaches on the train.

Straphangers who bugged out when an actress-turned-performance artist flung a container of crickets and worms onto a crowded D train should count their blessings. It was almost roaches, prankster Zaida Pugh confessed to the Daily News.

“It was supposed to be roaches,” Pugh said Saturday. “I ordered some hissing roaches, but I had to pick them up from the post office. It’s a good thing it wasn’t roaches, because people would have bugged out way wilder. That would have been overboard.”

via NY Daily news

I’m not usually about eye-for-an-eye justice, but this is a special case. You need to put this chick in Rikers yesterday and not only that, but in her own personal Boo Box. Toss about 100 crickets, worms, hissing roaches, and scorpions in said box and let everyone that was on the train that night to either piss, shit, or puke on her just like she was trying to do to them. And lets all agree to never mention her name again. She already got enough internet fame out of this. If the band of weirdos known as performance artists thinks she stinks, she doesn’t have an ally on this planet. She may be the worst person in this city full of terrible people.