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Daycare Shutting Down After An Employee Mocked Kids For Failing At Potty Training And Saying "She's the reason I drink" In Front Of A 3 Year Old


Iowa Press-Citizen- A North Liberty daycare is shutting down after the Iowa Department of Human Services turned up dozens of violations and allegations against its director, including that she failed to alert parents of their children’s medical issues, threatened employees and made fun of toddlers for potty training mishaps. According to state records, Heidi Brown, the DHS child care licensing consultant in charge of Johnson County, responded to a complaint involving Building Blocks on Feb. 25, and made four additional visits to the daycare in following two weeks. The daycare, which opened last August, currently has an enrollment of 52 children, from infants to grade school students, according to records. Staff members also told the state inspector that Vawter-Morgan has forced children to eat, made fun of children for having an accident while potty training, and saying in front of a 3-year-old, “She’s the reason I drink.” Messages left Monday at numbers associated with the daycare seeking comment were not returned.

This is one of those stories that people will tell you isn’t supposed to be funny even when it 100% is funny.  Like yeah, the daycare chick probably shouldn’t be mocking kids who suck at potty training.  She probably scarred these kids for the rest of their lives and they won’t ever be able to poop properly.  Just shitting their pants for the rest of their lives now.  But the fact that she did mock them is laugh out loud funny.  If the site of a grown women mocking a small child for not taking a dump properly doesn’t make you laugh then that’s too bad.  And the part where she talked about the little girl being the reason she drinks isn’t just funny, it’s gotta be true.  If I had kids (which I never ever will) I would drink constantly.  I drink a lot now so I can’t imagine what it’d be like if I had kids.  Have you seen these goddamn munchkins at the grocery store?  They never stop screaming and wanting things.  They want stuff they don’t even want.  Boxes of pasta, magazines they can’t read, it never stops.  Not to mention the parents always look like they would punt the kid to the frozen food aisle if it were socially acceptable.  But since it’s not, they go home and pour a large glass of booze and ignore them.  That’s all this chick was getting at.  They shouldn’t shut this daycare down.  They should keep it open and promote this lady.  She only sees these kids for a few hours a day and she needs a drink.  I don’t see this as a bad story, I see it as a cautionary tale for any people who think they want kids.  The moral of the story here is don’t do it because you’ll end up making fun of them for not being able to shit properly and become a drunk.  At least that’s what I read.