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City Of Champions: Top Moments From The Philadelphia Soul Winning ArenaBowl XXIX

Like I said on Friday, no city has ever won the Major League Ultimate frisbee championship and the ArenaBowl in the same summer before. Well that is, of course, until Philly completed the sweep of fringe championships with the Soul beating the Arizona Rattlers in ArenaBowl Ex Ex Eye Ex. People ask me all the time, “Hey Jordie. Don’t you ever get sick of winning? I mean, when is Philly not winning championships? Must get boring after a while, no?”. And to that, I just guess it’s in my blood. It’s in my DNA to be a winner. So no, I don’t get sick of it. Ever. As for the game itself? Well there were some highs and lows.

This happened right after the Soul stripped the Rattlers on the goalline and took it back to the house. The ensuing kickoff was recovered for another Soul tuddy to take a 21-0 lead. But the Soul are a true Philadelphia team and they didn’t want anybody to forget that . So they did some fumbling of their own, they missed an extra point, and let that 21 point lead evaporate in true Philly fashion. Obviously they pulled through in the end though because this is the City of Champions. And that was talking Arena Football. On to the other highlights from the night…

Turns out that wearing receiver gloves to the game is a huuuuuuuge AFL fan movie. Must have counted a dozen fans in the crowd with active hands. None of them brought the intensity as much as this man though.

Speaking of things Arena Football fans love–meth. They obviously love meth. Like a whole lot of meth. Not just the casual amounts. And how about that old bro in the back just sucking on a pretzel? Man is on a completely different planet. Meth is a helluva drug.

I know that referring to kids eating hot dogs in the crowd of sporting events as “savages” hasn’t’ exactly worked out well on this website before. But this kid is a young savage through and through. So what did we learn last night? The crowd at an Arena Football game is far more entertaining than the actual game itself.

So I guess the one question we’re left with is whether or not a Soul championship is enough to render this vine irrelevant now.

Here’s the thing. When the Soul won the Arena Bowl in 2008, the Phillies won the World Series just a few months later. While that may not be the case this year, I still want to keep the Philly sports teams hungry. I don’t want the rest of them to get too comfortable, thinking that the Soul hit our championship quota for the rest of them. So thanks for the mems, Soul. But will somebody else in this city win a goddamn championship already???

One last time… take it away, Monty G.