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MJ Says He Could Have Beaten Lebron At 1 On 1 But Probably Not Kobe Because All Kobe Does Is Copy Him


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Michael Jordan believes he could have beaten LeBron James in a game of one-on-one when he was in his prime. He’s not sure about Kobe Bryant. In a video promoting the “NBA 2K14″ video game that is being released Tuesday, Jordan said there’s a long list of players he would’ve liked to have played one-on-one — Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Julius Erving, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Bryant and James, who is on the cover of this year’s game.

“I don’t think I would lose,” Jordan says in the video, before smiling and adding, “other than to Kobe Bryant, because he steals all of my moves.” Jordan also said the game was much more physical when he played than it is today. “You go in with the understanding of ‘I’m going to get hit. I’m going to pay the price,'” he said. “But that’s part of the game. I’m not going to be afraid to go inside. Those are the types of things that these kids don’t even have a clue of how we had to grow up and how we had to play.” Jordan, a six-time NBA champion and considered by many the greatest player ever, said he only talked trash to his friends. “I didn’t talk trash to people I didn’t know,” he said.

 Jordan has had a sponsorship deal with 2K Sports since 2011, when he first appeared on the cover of the popular game. The 50-year-old Jordan, who was a five-time league MVP, also shared the cover in 2012 with Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. This year will be the first time on the cover for James, a four-time league MVP who has led the Miami Heat to back-to-back NBA championships. 


This is why MJ is the best. 50 years old and still talking about hypothetical 1 on 1 games. Straight up saying he can take Lebron, not even a question in his mind. Oh and as for Kobe? Well here’s a nice backhanded compliment for you bro.  “Yeah Kobe could take me because Kobe copies everything I ever do and has basically spent his entire life trying to be exactly like me”.  You can just feel Jordan’s desire to still dominate everyone and everything. Wakes up in the morning and wants to win at all costs, except for when it comes to the NBA team he owns which is literally the only thing he should care about at this point but whatever, hypothetical 1 on 1’s, domination city, signed the best there ever was.



The part about today’s players not knowing how to go inside and get fouled is spot on. I’m no longer a hater of Kobe or Lebron’s on court game, they’re both basically untouchable, but I can’t even imagine how they would react if they got fouled like some of those Knicks/Bulls games in the early 90’s.