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This Video Of Rasheed Wallace Freestyling While Driving His Car Is Sublime

This amateur music video drove a point home that I think we’ve all known for a while. We need more Rasheed Wallace in our lives. Top 5 most entertaining player of his generation and that had very little to do with his All-Star talents on the court. He made the technical an art. “Ball don’t lie” still looms large in the NBA vernacular today. And if he came around a few years later, I feel like the gray patch on the head would have taken off like the Odell Beckham hair cut. Plus he spit AN ENTIRE FREESTYLE flawlessly while driving a car. Real life music video shit.

And even though he was on the Knicks for a brief time, you cannot deny his contribution. He may not have played a lot, but you can’t tell me that having him in the locker room isn’t the reason for the best regular season the Knicks have had in almost 20 years. Basically a more talented, NBA version of Juan Uribe. And this GIF can always make me smile.

The only thing hotter than the So Gone beat is Monica. #TeamMonica >>>>> #TeamBrandy