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People Are Pretty Upset That A Dad Took His Daughter Hunting Then Let Her Bite A Deer's Heart

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Mashable- You always remember where you were when you bit into your first deer heart. And if you never have, maybe you remember where you were the first time you got mad at someone for biting one. A man in New Zealand is currently facing criticism after posting photos of his daughter biting into a deer heart. The photos were posted to the now defunct NZ Woman Hunters Facebook page. The images, shown below, were quite graphic. After shooting a deer herself, the 8-year-old girl took a bite into “its warm quivering heart.” This descriptive language, in combination with the subject matter, angered animal rights enthusiasts who shared their thoughts in the comments.

I’m not a hunting person so biting an animal’s heart immediately after killing it seems odd but I refuse to side with those pussies on the animal rights side. They’re so goddamn sanctimonious that it makes me wanna puke. Animal rights people make it seem like they’ve never done a bad thing in their entire lives. They’re just angels floating amongst us eating shitty food and making us feel bad for eating delicious food. The way they talk makes you think poop doesn’t even come outta their asses. Just rainbows and cotton candy comes charging outta their sphincters. The absolute worst. So fuck them. Here’s another thing, biting a deer’s heart might be barbaric and weird, but it’s also how we humans stay at the top of the food chain. Would you rather have a little girl biting a deer’s heart or a deer biting a little girl’s heart? Exactly. Case closed. Sometimes when you’re at the top of the pyramid you gotta do crazy shit to establish dominance so you stay on top. I applaud that little girl.