Me And The Other Barstool Bloggers Are Playing FanClash NFL Trivia Today With Cash Prizes On The Line And A Special "Barstool Trivia" Tonight

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So this is the deal. FanClash is back and this time we are doing an all-day NFL trivia extravaganza until 9 pm because who the hell doesnt love the NFL? It is $3 for 3 plays on FanClash that will have 250 winners and $3,000 in cash on the line. If you play in the NFL event, you get a free entry to play in the Stoolie Trivia at 10 pm. This will have Barstool specific questions about the idiots that work here like
– Who does Smitty use in Mario Kart?
– Who started Barstool LA?
– Which Entourage character has been a guest on KFC Radio?
– Which blogger put a wannabe his boss and a wannabe rapper in a bodybag during a rap battle?

Prizes for both events are below, so check it out and sign up


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