Kwame Brown Has Signed With a New Agent For His Big NBA Comeback

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(Kwame Brown and a fan)

NBC - After three seasons out of the NBA, one of the most infamous former No. 1 overall picks in league history is ready to make a comeback. Kwame Brown has signed with Interperformances to represent him, and the agency says he’s hoping to land on an NBA roster (via Sportando).

“The #1 overall pick of the 2001 draft is ready for a new life. His comeback can be the road to glory for a team that believes in him. Kwame is back, physically healthy and ready to be the outstanding player he was on several NBA teams. A great intimidator that can block shots , rebound consistently and explode in devastating dunks. No longer the young man that entered the NBA, Kwame is now an experienced and mature player and man. And he’s back, for the love of the game”

Oh. It’s. LIT. I’m all in on the Kwame Brown resurgence. You know what they say, sometimes you just need 3 years off and to be 34 years old before you really hit your stride in the NBA. If you think about it, who currently in the NBA is more well-rested and game-ready than Kwame? Exactly.

The press release sent out by his new management is gold Jerry. He’s “ready to be the outstanding player he was on several NBA teams” and a “great intimidator”. I love that they are going with the “last time Kwame played in the NBA none of these GMs were in the league yet” approach. Plus he has “devastating dunks” and that’s what puts asses in seats. I buy all of it. Read their press release and try to tell me your favorite team couldn’t use Kwame.

Shit, if Tim Tebow can be a major league baseball player, Kwame can still be in the NBA. The guy did play 12 years, and I’m ready for 12 more. Team Kwame all the way.