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This Stampede Of People Playing Pokemon GO In Taiwan Is Terrifying

Pokemon GO has largely died here in the States but I really think it could be a thing over in China for the foreseeable future. I’m talking centuries. I’m talking generation after generation playing Pokemon GO. Americans get bored almost instantly. I played Pokemon GO for 4 hours and was like, “fuck this walking around stuff.” People here can barely stay focused for 30 seconds. For example, that video of the Pokemon GO stampede just made it in terms of length of videos I will watch. I’ll watch 27 seconds of something. I have time for that. Bump that up to 40 seconds? Fucking forget about it. Might as well be 40 hours long. I have things to do (refresh Twitter) and people to see (just not true). But I feel like people over in China are just gonna stay locked onto this Pokemon GO thing until it replaces their actual reality. Did you see that stampede of people? That looked like Beatlemania.