Congratulations To My Good Friend Isaiah On Getting Married Last Night

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There’s FOMO, and then there’s what I’m feeling right this second knowing that I missed this celebration. I get it though, our friendship is so new, and with all the planning and things that go into a wedding I’m sure Isaiah just forgot to give me the heads up. That’s OK, I still want to wish Da Gawd well and a lifetime of happiness. People call Princess Diana’s wedding the “Wedding of The Century” but that could not be more incorrect. The correct answer is clearly what went on last night in the Seattle/Tacoma area.

I mean just look at Isaiah, the man’s attire is absolute white hot fire flames. Imagine if any of us normal white people tried to pull off this look plus the Jordans to our own wedding? Something tells me we would be unsuccessful, but Isaiah pulls it off flawlessly, of course.

Fortunately for me, and you really, the beauty of technology and the internet made last night available to the masses. Winner of my 2016 Summer League Crush Award Terry Rozier, took us along for the ride, and safe to say it was everything I could have imagined

Snap – Trozzay3

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And let’s not forget the 2016 Teammate Of The Year Amir Johnson. He too gave us a glimpse of this magical night

Snap – tall611money

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All in all things looked like a pretty good time and I’m glad Isaiah got this out of the way well before the year starts, so he can be completely focused on dominating once October rolls around. And you know what, Isaiah, since I know you’re reading this, I’ll still send you a wedding present if you want because that’s just the kind of guy I am. Couple T shirts no problem.

So join me in wishing this happy couple the best, as the NBA’s greatest family is now complete