Artemi Panarin Getting Ready For The Season By Doing Normal Stuff Like Bathing In Deer Blood

There goes that man. Artemi Panarin, Rookie Of The Year, Patrick Kane soulmate, and NHL super star Artemi Panarin. He recently gave an interview with a Russian media outlet talking about the season, winning the Kharlamov aware for best Russian hockey player, the Olympics, and ho-hum just taking baths in deer blood.


- How to prepare for the World Cup?
- Do not feel sorry for yourself. Output is almost not satisfied. In the Altai, when was upstairs, there is not much oxygen, but we tried to run, doing different exercises. Once I’m there special baths applied to the blood of the red deer antlers, to improve immunity. Hopefully this will be a good foundation. Now I try to go to the gym more often. And in general really missed hockey. Waiting for the World Cup would. And not just me. I talked with my friends from the KHL – Eugene Dadonova and Vadik Shipachevym . They are also waiting.



The entire Russian Federation is doping, but not our boy Artie. He’s just out there boxing, riding horses, and taking a nice long soak in some Rudolph blood. No harm in that. It means that Rocky IV actually worked on him. Rocky was climbing through the mountains, chopping wood, literally getting yoked and pulling carts while Drago was getting pumped full of steroids. Panarin is going the all-natural Rocky route. If he can change, and you can change, then everyone can change. And Artie, whatever you’re doing…don’t stop because it’s working. If you need to shoot guns, not discuss girls(more on this later), bath in blood then do it. Whatever Rasputin voodoo magic Panarin has cooking is making him one of the most electrifying players in the league. Keep doing you Artie, get that immunity up.


PS: Panarin Does NOT talk about girls. From that same article


- What are the most beautiful Russian athlete at the Games, – tried to catch Artemia journalist with the TV channel “TV match.”
– I’m in touch with the latest developments I can not discuss the girls, – modestly downcast Panarin.


Double PS: “New phone, who dis