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Eagles Kicker Caleb Sturgis Got A Concussion After Getting Hit In The Head With A Punt During Pre-Game

Eagles vs Washington


I mean… could you script a better metaphor for this upcoming Eagles season? It’s the most Eagles thing that could have possibly happened. A kicker. Getting a concussion. From being hit in the head with a punt. During pre-game arm ups. Just read that back to yourself. Read it again. It still doesn’t sound believable yet here we are. Unreal.

Caleb Sturgis certainly isn’t doing any favors for those who try to claim that kickers are real football players. But I will say this. It brings a very important issue to light. The NFL needs to get rid of the “roughing the kicker” rule. Why? Well because it’s obvious that Sturgis’ brain just isn’t used to contact. It’s obvious that his brain is softer than a pile of baby shit if a punt is enough to concuss it. So let’s get rid of the rule. Let’s let kickers get blown up as much as humanly possible. Because A) it’ll prevent freak accidents like this and B) it’ll be hilarious.

(In all seriousness, hope Sturgis ends up being okay. The situation is funny as hell but concussions aren’t. Also kinda need him to hit some field goals come week 1)