Olympic Golfer Whiffs On A Putt From Two Inches



No worries. It’s just the Olympics. No one probably saw it. Actually, this might be the best Olympics to fuck something up. Because no one is really watching. People might be watching but we don’t know if we’re watching it live or what. It’s all very confusing. Also because people can’t make vines and gifs of NBC coverage so, if you happen to fuck something up, like say missing a putt from two inches, it’s not gonna get blasted all over the internet right away. We all have to wait for NBC to put the clip up or get it from some ghetto stream. For instance, it took me forever to find that clip above. Other sites who posted this story simply had screen shots. Before and After shots. Fuck NBC and the IOC. They suspended the Barstool Sports Twitter account for posting a vine. God forbid a popular website promo the Olympics. Let us live!