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Let's Revisit The Time Ryan Lochte Was So Dumb It Made The Good Day Philly Anchors Lose Their Shit

Hilarious. So obviously Ryan Lochte is proving he’s a moron, again, with this whole stick up deal in Rio (HAMMERING hard money they were robbed by hookers). But here’s just a quick reminder Ryan Lochte is basically an aquatic, less endearing Forrest Gump, with somehow less social skills/awareness. Seriously. You honestly can’t tell whether the man is stoned to the bejeezus 24/7 or textbook mentally handicapped. Probably a little of both.

Also, the anchor Mike Jerrick is a Philly (and should be a national) treasure. Dude is hysterical and always on point, except of course when he tried to pull a power move and sniff his former co-worker me lady Kacie McDonnell’s hair.


Well, we all would fell the same way, too. But hands off the lady, Jerrick. You think you’re NFL QB World Series 1B professional blogger material? I think not. Get in line before you start to make power moves like sniffing Kacie’s hair without permission. And if he even thought about going for a playful butt tap next I would’ve jumped out of the friendzone into the studio faster than he premature ejaculated on air.

Akin to pinpointing the exact second Ralph Wiggum’s heart rips in half, we see precisely the moment Mike Jerrick creams his knickers. Old man “O” face of the millennium.