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Steeplechase Did Not Go Well For Uganda Today





Hey look, we’ve all gotten a flat tire before. It’s embarrassing. Your friends laugh at you. You need to kneel down and wedge your foot back into your shoe. But, I guess if we’re counting small victories, at least we’ve never gotten a flat tire on national television then slammed out face into the steeplechase thing (sorry I don’t know it’s real name. Not an expert. Hurdle? Steeple hurdle?) in the middle of the Olympics. That is decidedly a much worse fate. Flat tire in the middle school halls is one thing, flat tire in the middle of the Olympics then getting a grade 3 concussion on the steeple thing is another. Poor Uganda. This is supposed to be their sport (I have no idea if that’s true, just going for dramatic effect) and they got fucked with a childish prank. Tough day to be a Ugandan.